Fishing in Dordogne, south west France, Perigueux.


Private and secluded house with 5 acres of grounds and a one acre Lake.

B.N. July, 2013
"Fishing better today. Caught 11 perch/roach this afternoon. Juveniles biggest about 6 inches."

August, 2013. L.C. newhaven
"Just some of the bream caught from our week away... weighing 2 lbto 4lb....there is a resonable carp 5lb that was brought in and we lost 4 big fish to the lillys ....
a bit hot, so mostly at dusk ...deb said that she has booked a week next year in july with you thats brill"

fish landed 2013
Fish, August 2013

There are hundreds lakes in Dordogne, and fishing is taken quite seriously by some.
Many lakes are full of a variety of fish .. some are specially stocked with enormous fish;
All in all Dordogne is a fisherman's and wildlife paradise.
Saint Estephe : etang amenage, gere par le Conseil General, 2eme categorie
(gardons, carpes et carnassiers)
Miallet : barrage de 77 ha de 1ere categorie (gardons, perches et carpes).
Saint Saud Lacoussiere : etang prive de 1ere categorie.
Champs Romain : etang intercommunal, Tel. : SI St Pardoux La Riviere 05 53 56 79 30.
Bussiere-Badil : etang municipal
Carte obligatoire pour tous ces lieux (sauf Champs-Romain).

Phone house 07974 371 255 Email:-
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