Holiday house with swimming pool to let in Dordogne, south west France, August 2010

France is the ideal holiday destination for those wishing to enjoy life's pleasures...
Away from the 'chaos' of Spanish holiday resorts and 'weatherworn'1970's British seasides...
The south-west of France offers an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful long warm summers,
the casual atmosphere, unhurried, with space to move around on the roads and in the towns.
For lovers of the outdoors, there are beautiful walks, bicycle rides, boating...
Many restauants and bars, offering excellent food and drinks;
Barbeques whenever you wish, and the only noise pollution, from the occasional cow Mooing or a dog barking in the distance
Dordogne is well known for it's beautiful summers and lush green countryside
The cities of Perigueux, Angouleme, and Limoges are all within an hour's drive,
and a little further south, the region of Bordeaux; a wine lover's paradise.
English is widely spoken, and there are many people that have moved into this vast countryside, who respect and enjoy the way of life culture and of course the warm climate.
If you are looking for a stress free, relaxing beautiful warm, holiday, then La Chabroulie is most definately the place for you.

A few photos of La Chabroulie this summer August 2010
france holiday house front drive
france holiday house front drive garden
france holiday house front garden
The front garden and drive..
holiday house france pool
The pool has just been installed, and we must leave the ground to settle before concreting and tiling around..
france holiday house pool2
holiday france house pool3
france holiday house pool4
france holiday house banana
france holiday house bbq
The BBQ ready for the evening..
france holiday house mist
holiday house france mist1
Mist rising off the lake early morning..
france holiday house front garden august
france holiday house garden pool
france holiday house front drive
france holiday house pool early morning
france holiday house pool rock
france holiday house rear garden
france holiday house pool cecile
france holiday house cecilepool2
france holiday house side house

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A holiday house to let in the Perigord, Dordogne, south west France with a lake, pool, large garden,and all beautifully maintained, for a holiday that will aways be treasured.